How to use Loyalty Points?

Step 1

Register and Activate the Loyalty program, if you haven't already.

Step 2

Earn at least 1500 points.

The more you order online (Delivery, Take out or Catering) the more Rice Rewards Points you will earn. When you have earned enough RR Points you may redeem them by getting rice value (no cash). For every 150 RR Points you can get $1.00 in rice spending. The earned points can be used beginning the business day following your order completion.

Step 3

Once you've earned at least 1500 points, you can use them.


Add to your cart the products you want.

In the shopping cart you have a field as you can see in the picture below:

Rice House of Kabob Rewards Points

Add in the field the amount of points you want to use then click on the Use Points button.

You will see in the Your Order tab the value of your loyalty points that you used. See the picture below.

Rice House of Kabob Rewards Points

Step 4

Continue with the ordering process.

Have a Rice Day!